Addressing Roof Hail Damage: Why Immediate Action is Crucial

The Importance of Immediate Inspection

Hidden Damage

  • Hail can cause significant damage that isn’t immediately visible.
  • Hailstones can fall at speeds over 120 mph, causing serious roof damage.

Consequences of Neglect

  • Ignoring hail damage can lead to bigger problems like leaks and structural issues.
  • Damaged shingles lose granules, leading to clogged gutters and drainage issues.

Potential Issues from Hail Damage

Gutter Problems

  • Asphalt shingles shed granules after hail damage, clogging gutters.
  • Wood shingles can splinter, causing similar issues.

Shingle Degradation

  • Missing granules expose shingles to UV rays and weather, making them brittle.
  • Wood shingles can develop holes, compromising their moisture-repelling features.

Worsening Damage

  • Weak roofing materials can lead to mold, electrical, and structural issues.
  • Water exposure can cause fires, decaying drywall, and foundation problems.

Insurance and Hail Damage

Statute of Limitations

  • Many insurance policies have a limited time frame for filing hail damage claims.
  • Delaying repairs could void your roof warranty and reduce insurance coverage.

Professional Inspection

  • A licensed inspector should assess your roof immediately after a storm.
  • Prompt repairs prevent further damage and costly repairs.

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 Addressing roof hail damage promptly is crucial to avoid extensive repairs and protect your home. Timely inspections and repairs by professionals like Advantage Remodeling and Roofing can save you from significant future costs.

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