Emergency Roofing Services

Emergency Roofing Services

The roofing contractors at Advantage Remodeling and Roofing are proud to offer fast and reliable emergency roofing services. We are available to our local customers 24/7 to address serious roofing problems and help preserve your home. If you need our emergency roofing services in DFW TX, don’t hesitate to call us at (214) 250-3975 today!

What Is Considered a Roofing Emergency?

Severe weather is the most common cause for an emergency roofing call. If the wind knocks a  tree onto your roof or your shingles are shattered by hail, it can allow rainwater to get into your home. Emergency service can prevent these situations from escalating into complete roof replacement.

Our roofing professionals have also responded to emergencies caused by animal invasion. Squirrels and other critters can chew through your roof, leaving it vulnerable to water damage and pests. If anything happens that compromises the stability of your roof or cause an active water leak, it should be considered an emergency.

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How We Handle Emergency Repairs

Our roofers start with a thorough survey of the damage. If your insurance policy covers can help cover repair costs, our team would be happy to help you with the insurance claim filing process and cooperate with your adjuster to get you a fair quote. After an inspection, we’ll walk you through the most cost-effective options for repairs and replacement. From your gutters to skylights, we’ll make sure your roof is in is taken care of.

Beware Repair Scams

After storms, scammers posing as roofers will often go door to door. These “roofers” try to pressure people to sign repair contracts and pay them hefty checks. Then they disappear without ever repairing the damage. Never sign a contract for repairs until after you’ve had a professional inspect your roof and talk you through your best options.

For fast and reliable emergency roofing services in Allen, TX and DFW Area, call our experienced team at (214) 250-3975. Be sure to ask for a free expert inspection. You might be worried about your home now, but you don’t have to stay that way. Trust Advantage Remodeling and Roofing to get your home back in shape.

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