Roofing Insurance Claims

Roofing Insurance Claims

If your roof system has recently sustained damage from a severe storm or another event covered by your insurance, contact us! Our roofers are experts in the insurance claims process. We can inspect your roof (and the rest of your home) with your insurance agent to help you get the amount you deserve from your insurance company. With one of our experienced roofers there, you can be confident you’re getting a fair quote. Call us at (214) 250-3975 for assistance with rooftop insurance claims in Allen, TX.

The Claim Assistance Process

Step #1: Working with Your Insurance Adjuster

To get your claims process started off, you can connect your insurance adjuster with one of our experienced roofers. Simply let your insurance company know that a roofing contractor will be in touch with them, and give them our phone number. Together, we’ll coordinate a complete inspection of your home. With one of our professionals on site, you can be sure that all damage applicable to the claim will be uncovered.

Step #2: Gathering Claims Evidence

Because documentation is such an important part of the claims process, our roofer will help you record the damage for your claims evidence. For your documentation, you’ll need a detailed outline of the damage to your home. Our roofers provide this supplementary documentation, plus assistance in photographing the before and after evidence.

Step #3: Providing an Expert Recommendation

Depending on the scale of the damage, your home may require simple repairs or a complete roof replacement. After your free inspection, our professional roofer will provide you with a cost-effective recommendation for your next steps. You may have a rare opportunity to upgrade your home’s roofing protection with impact resistant shingles or Energy Efficient Roofing System. Our insurance claim process is obligation free, and we encourage our customers to compare our superior roofing services and affordable prices with other companies in the area. We hope you’ll entrust us with your home’s roof repairs or replacement.

Give us a call at (214) 250-3975 today! We’ll be happy to help you step by step with your roof insurance claims in Allen, TX. We’ll make sure you receive a fair quote from your insurance company!

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