Aluminum Roofing Services

Aluminum Roofing Services


Is your roof ready for a reliable upgrade? Out of many styles of roofing, metal provides some of the most robust protection against hail, snow, and heavy rain. Few materials are as weather-resistant as aluminum. At Advantage Remodeling & Roofing, our experienced professionals provide a wide variety of colors and fitting styles to help you find the perfect roof for your home. For more information about metal roofing, talk to one of our specialists at (214) 250-3975. Be sure to ask for a quote on aluminum roofing in Allen, TX.

What’s Special About Aluminum Roofing?

Like other durable metals (such as steel and copper), aluminum features sturdy protection against fire, debris, snow, and hail damage. When compared to other metals available in the market, however, aluminum provides several unique benefits that should garner your attention.

Aluminum is practically immune to corrosion. Even hyper-strength materials like steel are vulnerable to rusting, but aluminum thrives in rainy environments. Even water-borne acids don’t seem to wear it down, making aluminum roofing a great choice for homeowners in industrial environments.

It’s highly reflective against ultraviolet rays. UV radiation doesn’t just damage your skin it also corrodes your rooftop. When a house absorbs light from the sun, the radiation steadily weakens rooftop materials. Aluminum not only reflects these UV rays, it also protects your air conditioning from the extra heat caused by sunlight. How would you like to cut down on your energy bills every month?

aluminum features sturdy protection against fire, debris, snow, and hail damage

Aluminum sheeting offers solid protection, without the added weight. Despite the fact that metal roofing already weighs less than shingles or slate, aluminum impresses even more with a super-lightweight design. A byproduct of this featherweight nature is amazing malleability, which allows craftsmen to create many beautiful roofing designs (such as standing seam). If you like no-nonsense installations, aluminum could be a good choice for your building project.

Trust Advantage Remodeling &amp Roofing with Your Aluminum Roofing

Are you interested in pursuing an aluminum roof for your home? Talk to one of our experienced roofers about your building project and budget requirements. For more information about aluminum roofing in Allen, TX, give us a call at (214) 250-3975.

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