Storm damage in Dallas-Fort Worth

Let’s have a look at the problems that can arise from the storm damage.


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Although Texas doesn’t experience severe winter weather like in the north parts of the country, the residents of the Dallas-Fort Worth area face other severe weather conditions like storms or hail. It always depends on the severity of a storm or hail and they cause storm damage or hail damage. But in most cases, hail damage (storm damage) must be fixed immediately in order to prevent it from causing more problems that will lead to the roof replacement.

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Hail damage can make a lot of holes in your roofing material varying in size.

Hail damage (storm damage) can make a lot of holes in your roofing material varying in size. Not patching hail-damaged (storm damaged) holes almost necessarily will lead to water entering your home. When it does, it can destruct the internal material of your house components and cause the growth of destructive molds. This will lead to increasing the cost of repairs if your roof needs a replacement.

UV Damage

UV Damage in the Dallas-Fort Worth (DFW)

The holes in your roof can also lead to the sun exposure of the inner components of your roof. The UV rays can drastically impact the lifespan of your current roof.

This type of damage must be handled immediately and the experienced team of Advantage Remodeling and Roofing will help you deal with any repairs at the most reasonable price.

Single-ply Membrane roofs - shrinkage and crazing.

Heat aging, improper manufacture, or poor installation can cause membrane shrinkage. It results in the loss of flexibility and causes the shrinking of the membrane material. Another similar type of storm damage is crazing which occurs when cracks start to develop on membranes. They begin on the outer layer and can penetrate the depth of the membrane, and cause the roof leakage. It is the result of aging, but the weather conditions can speed up the process.

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Metal roofs - rust and corrosion

Metal roofs - rust and corrosion  in the Dallas-Fort Worth (DFW)

Rust and corrosion occur when the protective coating of the roof wears off, and the bare metal gets exposed. The repair process, which includes rust removal, the use of a rust inhibitor, and a new coating, will increase the lifespan of your roof.

Flat roofs - ponding

Ponding is the source of bacteria growth, sediment deposition, and leakage. The area of ponding tends to increase in size over time and causing an increase in roof weight if not handled immediately. It potentially can lead to a roof collapse.

Material issues

There are two forms of cracking - alligatoring and blistering. Alligatoring has distinctive cracks similar to an alligator hide. This type of cracking is formed but the sun activity.. The cracks begin on the surface and over time can penetrate through the thickness, resulting in leaks.

If the moisture that is trapped within the membrane plies, the outside temperature increase causes the vapor to expand, forming a blister on the membrane.

Seam Failure is caused by the loss of elasticity with age and can lead to roof cracking.

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No matter what type of damage you experience, Advantage Remodeling and Roofing, as experienced roofers, will be happy to help you with any types of roof repairs in these Texas areas:
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