7-Step Process Of Roof Replacement Allen TX

Blogs 7-Step Process Of Roof Replacement Allen TX

1. Roofing materials delivery

The first step to your roof replacement Allen TX is getting all the roofing materials. Usually, a roofing contractor will have them the day before your replacement. The materials should be kept in a dry area near the roof access point.

2. Moving your vehicles, lawn features, and other belongings out of the way

When your contractor arrives at your home, you should make sure that your vehicles and lawn decorations are out of the way during the roof replacement near me. In this case, they won’t be bothering or disturbing the roofing crew. This step also protects your vehicles from any stray debris that could fall from your roof.

3. Protecting your property

The next step of your roof replacement near me is to prepare your property for the roof tear-off. For example, they’ll put tar paper on the ground for the dump zone and will cover your shrubbery and landscaping.

4. Removing the old material (and possibly beginning the installation)

After your property is protected and ready for your roof replacement near me, the contractor will begin tearing off your old roof in sections. They’ll start on the furthest corner of your roof away from your driveway. After a section is removed, some of the installers will begin installing your new roof right away while the others continue tearing off. Some may do this after the whole roof is removed.

5. Your gutters will be cleaned out

Any roofing debris from the tear-off, leaves, sticks, and other debris will be removed from your gutters.

6. Cleaning up after the roof replacement Allen TX

After the roof replacement near me has been completed, your contractor will begin the cleanup process. They’ll blow off your roof so that all the leftover debris gets to the dump tarps. They’ll also blow out your gutters and downspouts to clear them out once again. Then, upon they get off your roof, they’ll roll up all the tarps, get their tools, and make sure everything on the ground is cleaned up. They’ll go all over your property with a strong magnet to get all the nails left after roof replacement Allen TX.

7. Inspecting their workmanship

After the roofers complete roof replacement near me and the cleanup, they will double-check the finished work looking out for vulnerable areas around penetrations, skylights, chimneys and etc. And now, your roof replacement Allen TX is fully complete!