What is Hand Scraped Hardwood Floor And How To Install It?

What is Hand Scraped Hardwood Floor And How To Install It?


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Hand scraped hardwood floor is a type of floor that has some extra texture on the surface. The process of their production is not any different than that of other floorings. The only difference is that the surface of hand scraped hardwood floor has been scraped by hand before the flooring is finished with oil or lacquer. If you choose this type of flooring, you will notice that each plank of hand scraped hardwood floor is unique in its own way. This technique results in a rustic-looking texture with plenty of character and charm.

Is hand scraped hardwood floor a good option for me?

Hand scraped wood flooring is a good option if you want to add character, warmth, and a rustic charm to your home. There are many options available in different board widths, thicknesses and lengths, so make sure to choose the one that compliments your space. The Oak is the most popular material for hand scraped hardwood floor. It is the perfect match for any home, with its rustic appeal and added character. Another advantage is that it is simple to install: you just need to nail down hardwood floor.

Where can I use hand scraped hardwood floor?

Because the installation process is not any different than other flooring options (you just need to nail down hardwood floor), you can use it in exactly the same way as any other wooden flooring. The only difference is the surface of the floor. Engineered wood can be used with underfloor heating and solid hand scraped wooden flooring must be fixed to the subfloor for stability. Just like you would normally nail down hardwood floor.

How to nail down hardwood floor?

Every floorboard has tongues and grooves, and you install them the same way. Before power nailers existed, floor installers had to blind nail down hardwood floor by hand. The blind nailing process involves driving a series of nails into the tongue of a floorboard at 45-degree angles. At this angle, each nail will push the board against the one next to it and hold the board to the floor at the same time. The first course is usually laid along a wall or a line in the center of the space and is secured with nails manually. Then the rest of the boards are installed with a flooring nailer or nail gun.

It is better to hire a professional installer to nail down hardwood floor. They will need all the equipment, skills and knowledge needed to perform proper installation of hand scraped hardwood floor.

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