Immediate Actions of Roof Leak Repair

Blogs Immediate Actions of Roof Leak Repair

A roof leak does not just happen overnight. It is something that accumulates during a considerable amount of time. And one day you just find a huge puddle on your floor and water dripping from your ceiling. This is high time you take immediate action on roof leak repair. Therefore it is important that you know what to watch out for and what you should do. This article will give you an idea of what the roof leak repair process looks like.

1. Insurer’s Assessment

You should understand your insurance policy really well to be able to determine whether your roof leak repair will be covered by your insurance company. But before you even file a claim, you should invite an insurance adjuster to assess the damage. Before the adjuster arrives, you should document everything related to your roof leak. Take as many photos as possible and document the values of each item.

2. Ensure the Safety of your Family

The safety of yourself and your family is your top priority. That is why, as you wait for roof leak repair, you should make sure your family and yourself are safe. It is important to eliminate the risk of fire if the water from your roof leak comes in contact with electricity. Be sure to also place some buckets beneath the roof leak to catch the water to prevent water damage. Figure out if it is even safe to stay at home and that there is no risk of a collapse.

3. Start Roof Leak Repair Immediately

If possible, roof leak repair should begin within 24 to 48 hours after you observed the water dripping from your ceiling. Getting help from a professional company is the best way to stay safe and get your home repaired quickly. Roof leak repair starts with a drying process because moisture can damage your property, for instance, hardware floors, very easily and quickly. So this process should be started as soon as possible.

4. Repairing and Drying Out Your Home

Once all standing water is removed, it is time to dry out your property. If your electricity is back on, use central air conditioning to remove humidity. Professional roofers use floor fans, air movers, and dehumidifiers. The actual repairs are one of the most important steps of your roof leak repair. It usually takes the longest amount of time and may require replacing flooring, drywall, and insulation to prevent mold and mildew from spreading in your home.