The Difference Between a Roofer and a Roofing Contractor

The Difference Between a Roofer and a Roofing Contractor


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When you are about to get a new roof, you might not be sure where to begin or who to call. It seems like there are plenty of entities that can perform the needed roof repair or replacement such as a roofer, a roofing company, or a roofing contractor. They all sound similar but there are a few tiny details that differentiate them. This article will help you understand the difference between a roofer and a roofing contractor so you can figure out which one you should call.


A roofer near me is an independent entity who works on roofs. Their expertise might be limited to just one thing or several tasks. Typical roofing contractors may want to hire a roofer as their crew member. Roofers are employees of the roofing company who perform the removal of old roofing material, complete the needed repairs, and install new shingles. This means that roofers are not usually involved in complicated project designs or planning. Usually, your state might require that roofers are registered under the roofing company near me that hires them. This means that if you have a friend who is a roofer, that might be that he's not registered and licensed to perform the work.

Roofing Company

A roofing company near me (often referred to as a roofing contractor) usually has various employees, including sales professionals, designers, foremen, roofers, and other crew members, all of whom work specifically on roofs. Consequently, their professionals all have extensive experience and expertise in roof replacements, installations, and remodeling projects.

Roofing companies know exactly how to manage various aspects of any roofing project as they have the knowledge and skills to tackle difficult or complex projects and address unexpected issues. One major advantage is that roofing companies near me perform the work themselves, rather than hand it off to subcontractors.

In addition to working on roofs, roofing contractors may perform siding and window installations as well. This simply means that your roofing project might be entirely completed by a single entity with a total guarantee of completeness, care and diligence.

When you look for an entity to do your job, you should carefully pick the one that fits your need. If you have a minor repair, it is okay to hire a roofer who is registered with a roofing contractor. If you have a remodeling project to do, hiring a roofing company with many employees with various areas of expertise would be better.

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