How Do Soffit and Fascia Repair Contractors Near Me Perform Soffit Repair?


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Roof repairs typically mean replacing damaged shingles or installing new flashing, but the soffit and fascia of your roof is another area susceptible to rot, peeling paint and other weather related problems. That's why it's important to get soffit and fascia repair near me as soon as the problem arises. It's an easy repair that soffit and fascia repair contractors can perform really quickly.

Soffit and fascia are susceptible to water damage by ice dams, improper flashing, damaged shingles, and faulty gutters. Water damage may allow rot to spread quickly and brain damage to other parts of your roof. Moreover soffit repair near me will be required if the damage was caused by birds and squirrels nesting inside.

Signs that you need soffit and fascia replacement near me:

How is soffit and fascia repair near me performed

1. Removal of shingle mold
The first step of soffit repair near me is to remove shingle mold from the fascia using a flat bar.

2. Removal of rotted fascia
Soffit and fascia repair contractors will remove the rotted section of fascia. This should be performed by a professional so they would not damage any nearby roof shingles or flashing.

3. Removal of old soffit and rotted rafter.
The next step is to remove the old soffit to begin and fascia replacement near me. The rotted rafter should be chopped out using a reciprocating saw.

4. Soffit and fascia replacement
Before the new replacement soffit, the new rafter should be attached. It should be screwed to the chimney cleat. After that your soffit and fascia repair contractors will seal the edges of the plywood soffit with a waxy sealer. They will follow with fastening the plywood soffit to the underside of the eave or rake. The final step is to slide the new fascia into place, then secure it with galvanized nails. Now your soffit and fascia repair near me is complete!

You wouldn’t think a small element of your roof like soffit and fascia really matters, but it does. If you think your home may need soffit and fascia repair near me, don’t wait. A problem with the soffit and fascia can quickly grow into more significant damage in your entire home. It’s also a good idea to consider soffit and fascia replacement near me if you’re replacing your roof or siding. Contact Advantage Remodeling ad Roofing today to schedule your soffit repair near me!