The Most Popular Gutter Types For Gutter Calculator

The Most Popular Gutter Types For Gutter Calculator


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Choosing the right gutter type is important if you are getting the gutter job done. On our website, there is a gutter replacement cost calculator that allows you to calculate the estimate of your gutter replacement. The two types of gutters that our gutter calculator offers are K-style and half-round style. Here’s a brief description of the pros and cons of each one.

K-style gutters

K-style gutter is the most common type that you will see on most modern American homes. It features a unique shape on the front edge so it will compliment your home’s look. Our gutter cost calculator provides a price of $4-5 for K-style gutters.

They have a flat back and installed to the fascia board trim around the top edge of your home. They are flush against the wall to ensure that water doesn't run down it. The two most common sizes are five and six-inch, the former being the industry standard.

If you want to get the estimate for K-style gutters, just type in the length of your gutters to our gutter cost estimator.

Half-round gutters

Homeowners of historic or older-style homes prefer to use half-round gutters. They have the circle pipe with the top half being open to collect water. They provide a more rustic look to your home, as they are usually made from copper. However, they are also available in aluminum, vinyl, or galvanized steel. Just like the K-style gutters, they are available in five-inch and six-inch sizes. Our gutter replacement cost calculator provides a price of $5.50-6.50 for half-round-style gutters.

These gutters are installed in a little bit different way than K-style gutters. Brackets are installed to the home along the roof edge first, then the half-round gutter is dropped into place and secured. The half-circle shape results in the gutter being entirely smooth on the inside and has a few advantages. First, the metal is less likely to corrode or rust because there is nowhere for the water to collect in or standstill. Secondly, since there is no hardware on the inside, debris has a clear path to leave your gutters and is less likely to get caught up and cause clogs.

If you want to get the estimate for K-style gutters, just submit the length of your gutters to our gutter replacement cost estimator.

As you can see from our gutter calculator, the cost of a half-round gutter is a bit more expensive. But price should not be your deciding factor. Choose the one that fits your home’s style and wishes the most.