What You Should Immediately Do About Frozen Pipes Near Me

What You Should Immediately Do About Frozen Pipes Near Me


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If you determine that you have frozen water pipes but they did not burst, there are a few things you could do to start thawing frozen pipes and prevent the need to call for water damage restoration near me. It's a good thing to call an emergency plumber before you do anything: they will do all the work for you and perform professional thawing frozen pipes service.

The next step would be to increase the temperature around the frozen pipes to begin thawing frozen pipes. You can use a hairdryer or space heater to apply heat in the space around the pipe. Though, you should avoid applying heat directly to the pipe for too long. Alternating between freezing and hot temperatures can reduce the integrity of your pipe, increase the pressure in it and make the frozen pipes burst more likely. Instead, you should gradually bring the temperature up bit by bit. You can also raise the temperature on your thermostat in your home to warm up frozen pipes in house. If the frozen pipes are located in cabinets, you should open the cabinet doors to improve air and heat circulation.

Another thing to do, if your plumber can get to you fast enough and some water is still making it through the blockage, leave the faucets attached to the frozen pipes on a dribble. This will help to prevent pressure increase in the freezing water pipes near me.

How to prevent future frozen water pipes

If the frozen pipes near me have become an issue for you each year, you should take steps to improve the insulation and heating of your home and the performance of your plumbing. There is no reason to suffer from frozen water pipes near me each year. Call a local professional who can unfreeze water pipes near me and ask them about the following steps that can proactively save you money in the long run.

Plumbing insulation heating cables

Install insulation or heating cables directly on the specific section of freezing water pipes that run against an outside wall or that have frozen in the past. Plumping insulation helps trap heat inside your water pipes throughout the winter and is a good way of preventing pipes from freezing near me.

Home insulation inspection

It's a bit similar to the above point, but checking your homes insulation is a good way of preventing pipes from freezing too. Frozen pipes can sometimes be caused by old or inadequate insulation in your home.

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