Why Are Frozen Pipes Dangerous?

Why Are Frozen Pipes Dangerous?


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Frozen pipes can cause many problems and be a serious issue itself for a couple of reasons. They may be dangerous and cause a lot of serious damage to your property. Here are some more reasons why freezing water pipes are dangerous.

Lack of Running Water

The most obvious danger of frozen water pipes Dallas TX is their inability to provide running water. This can interfere with your or your tenant’s ability to do everyday chores such as washing the dishes or taking a shower. By the way, it is a landlord’s responsibility to ensure that his or her tenants have running water.

Potential to Burst

Furthermore, when it’s freezing, the frozen water pipes can actually burst. When water in the pipe freezes, it creates the pressure between the closed faucet and the built-up blockage can cause the frozen pipes to explode. If the frozen pipes in house burst outside, this could also create dangerous slippery conditions in subfreezing temperatures.

What makes pipes susceptible to freezing?

Some pipes may be more vulnerable to freezing than others and here is why:

Southern Climates

Pipes that are located in southern climates rarely see cold temperatures and may be surprisingly vulnerable to freezing, mostly due to the lack of insulation around the pipes. These pipes rarely see temperatures below 32 degrees Fahrenheit, but when it does, it will most likely be the reason of freezing water pipes Dallas TX.

Exterior Walls

Water pipes that are located along the exterior walls of your home can be vulnerable to becoming freezing water pipes Dallas TX. This is because they may not be well insulated that otherwise would be protecting them from the exterior temperatures and preventing pipes from freezing.

Attics and Basements

Pipes that are located in your attic or in your basement may also have a greater tendency to freeze. These pipes may not receive the same amount of heat as the rest of the property which otherwise would be preventing pipes from freezing. If these areas are not used as living space, they usually may not be properly insulated.

An obvious sign of frozen pipes is the absence of running water coming out of your faucet of the frozen water pipes. If you or a tenant turn on a faucet and only a slight trickle of water shows up, there is a chance of freezing water pipes.

If you suspect frozen pipes in house, you should call a professional like Advantage Remodeling and Roofing to inspect your frozen pipes Dallas TX and take precautious measures to prevent the damage.