Does The Heat Affect Your Roofing in Plano TX?

Does The Heat Affect Your Roofing in Plano TX?


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Now that the hot season is starting here in Texas, many homeowners may wonder if the heat affects their roofing shingles in a negative way. Here's some information that may be helpful for you.

UV rays shorten your roof's lifespan

Your roofing shingles are constantly exposed to UV rays from the sun during the summer months, which causes the roof to decay or age quickly. This effect is more severe and harmful during the summer season than during winter or cloudy days. Extreme UV rays can damage your asphalt shingle roof over time, causing it to buckle and split while making the oils in your roofing shingles dissipate.

Extreme heat breaks down the material

Dark-colored roofing shingles can absorb high temperatures that accelerate the chemical processes causing your roofing in Plano to break down quickly.

Thermal shock weakens the structural integrity of your roofing in Plano TX

As mentioned earlier, your dark roofing shingles can reach high temperatures under the sun rays but then quickly cool off after the sun goes down. This causes your roofing in Plano TX to expand and contract, which weakens the entire structural integrity and Is called a thermal shock.

Warm and wet climates can cause mold, mildew and moss growth

Humidity is a disturbing reality for people living in Texas, where high temperatures can cause intensely humid conditions. This moisture and condensation can settle in between your roofing shingles and cause roof leaks. Furthermore, when this moisture builds up to some extent, it is enough to start growing mold and moss.

Direct sunlight fades the color of your asphalt shingle roof

Your roofing in Plano TX may start to lose its color under the constant rays of the Texas sun. Powerful UV rays can cause discoloration and further can affect the ability of your asphalt shingle roof to perform well.

How can you protect your roofing in Plano TX against the summer heat?

Many of the above problems can be prevented with regular roof inspections and preventative measures. Here are some ideas of what you can do to protect your asphalt shingle roof against the summer heat. You can block sun rays with shading, add insulation for better performance, and install light-colored roofing shingles. Another constructional way to protect your asphalt shingle roof against the heat is installing intake vents and exhaust vents to prevent your roofing in Plano from trapping heat, mold, and moisture.