4 Ways Homeowners Cheat Roofing Contractors

Blogs 4 Ways Homeowners Cheat Roofing Contractors

And why is it a wrong thing to do?
Spoiler: don’t be one of those homeowners!

There is no doubt that every homeowner wants to work with a reputable roofer who will fix the roof in no time and at the most reasonable price. At the same time, your roofing contractor might want to deal with honest and respectful homeowners too. Some homeowners use shady ways to cut corners, which might be risky for both you and the roofing contractor. We are going to discuss some of DONOT’s with you. Please, don’t be one of those homeowners and treat yourself and your roofing contractor with respect. This will ensure honest and fruitful cooperation with your contractor.

1. Do not ask to pay the deductible

First of all, it is illegal to do that. It is a fraud. A reputable roofing contractor will never agree to do that. Eating deductibles is one of the reasons why so many roofing contractors go out of business. It puts you and your roofing contractor at a higher risk and may cause problems with the warranty. You might be in jail and your contractor might lose their license.

2. Do not swap contractors once they made a whole project for you

Try to make the decision of who you want to work with before the general contractor actually start putting effort, money, and time in your project. It might be tempting to consult with a more expensive and experienced contractor first and then just go with a cheaper one and share the ideas with them. However, a cheaper option might not be a good option.

3. 3. Do not refuse to pay inevitable extra charges

Imagine a situation, a crew removes the layer of shingles and realizes that they would need to replace plywood too, which was not included in the bill. That was not discussed but it is an issue that needs to be solved and will cost you more. You would want your roof to be fixed well rather than covering old problems. Be mindful of that and don’t refuse to pay additional charges when the work is already done.

4. Do not approach the crew and ask to hire them directly

If you have some sorts of other jobs to do around the house besides what you hired a roofing contractor for, do not approach the roofer’s crew in an attempt to hire them at a lower price. It is not ethical to do so. Just go to a craigslist or contact the roofing contractor directly.

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