Chimney Repair vs. Chimney Inspection

Chimney Repair vs. Chimney Inspection


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Chimney repair describes the process of dealing with the integrity of the physical chimney. The most common cause for chimney repair is the lack of maintenance. There are some common signs that you need chimney repair:

What is a chimney inspection?

The chimney inspection is a procedure of maintaining the good condition of your chimney system. During this procedure, your chimney system is inspected by professional chimney contractors. It allows to figure out susceptible areas in a timely manner and perform the needed chimney repair. During the internal inspection the chimney contractors are looking for any defects that could have been hidden by the soot/creosote, while the external inspection covers the masonry structure for overall stability.

Is there a way to avoid chimney repair?

It's recommended that homeowners have their chimney inspection annually or as soon as they notice first damage signs. Chimney system maintenance includes a chimney sweep, a proper chimney inspection, and chimney repair if needed. Professionals chimney contractors will come to your property to perform those operations. This allows to catch early signs of deterioration before the chimney repair service gets costly and out of hand.

When is the best time for an annual chimney inspection?

The best time to get an annual chimney inspection is probably during the summertime. This allows you to beat the rush of chimney inspection servicing that comes with the fall and winter season when many chimney contractors get really busy. In addition to that, you will get easier scheduling and cheaper prices for your chimney repair from chimney contractors.

If any damage is present and identified during the chimney inspection, the professional chimney contractors will let you know what needs to be repaired and give you a quote for the chimney repair. Of course, it's better to handle this damage in a timely manner to avoid costly repairs. Professional chimney contractors have enough experience to complete chimney repair with due diligence and save you money in the long run.