Water Remediation Near Me After Burst Frozen Pipes

Water Remediation Near Me After Burst Frozen Pipes


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Mr. Fish and his team at ARR have done an excellent job in the renovation of our home. They have remediated and renovated our home to restore it back and now looks even better than before..Read completely
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Hail damage is not the only reason why many homeowners may need water remediation near me. Another reason that Texas homeowners might often experience is burst frozen pipes. Owners of older homes are especially likely to encounter frozen pipes, but they can happen to anyone. When water freezes, it expands, and weak metal or plastic pipes might burst or leak. Here is the list of things you have to do if you experience burst frozen pipes before you start a professional water damage repair near me.

Take emergency measures first

It’s important that you, as a homeowner, will take some emergency actions when you have burst frozen pipes. This will help to prevent more extensive damage and lower the cost of water remediation near me.

Shut off your water and electricity

You may not always have to shut off your electricity, but shut the main home's water valve immediately. Your electricity has to be cut off through the section of the home where the burst frozen pipes occurred for water remediation near me.

Schedule water remediation near me

Some companies may have 24-hour service, so you may research and choose one in advance, and when there is an emergency, you have a contact of who you will be calling for water damage repair near me. Water remediation costs vary depending on the location of your water pipes, and the severity of the water damage.

Begin water removal

In order to prevent mold and mildew build-up, you need to use mops, buckets, towels, and a wet/dry vacuum to start removing water from your burst frozen pipes. This will help to prevent more extensive damage and lower the cost of water remediation near me.

Start thawing water pipes

Take the pressure off of pipes by draining the faucets. You can open the faucet a little bit to allow water to run out of the pipe to relieve the pressure in the pipe and minimize the water damage. And then you can start to circulate warm air in your home. You can use a hairdryer, warm towels on the pipe, or simply set your thermostat to higher temperatures. Use a repair sleeve to temporarily cover the damaged area of the burst frozen pipes as a temporary repair until the professional water damage repair near me begins.

Now get the professional help!

An experienced water damage repair near me can save you money. As soon as the crew arrives at your property, begin filing an insurance claim, documenting the damage. They will use professional vacuums and other equipment to perform water remediation near me. And your home will soon get back to its normal condition. Good luck!