Fix On Your Own or Looking For Residential Roof Leak Repair Near Me?

Fix On Your Own or Looking For Residential Roof Leak Repair Near Me?


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Residential roof leak repair near me

Getting a residential roof leak repair near me as soon as possible has a very valid reason - water can cause significant damage to your home, and if not handled in a timely manner — will require an even more expensive restoration process. You might want to try and approach the repair process on your own. For example, you can easily do an inspection of your roof and locate the leak. You might even try to perform the repairs on your own. In this article, we will guide on how to replace leaking asphalt roof shingles.

How To Locate the Roofing Leak near me

You should have a general idea of where the roof leak is located based on where the water is seeping through the ceiling. You might want to get on the roof (caution: be careful as a wet roof is a dangerous roof) and look for cracked, broken, missing, and damaged shingles. These are all indicators that you need a quality roof repair. Pay attention to the joints of where the elements of your roof connect to the roof itself – around roof vents, skylights, chimney, and flashing.

How To Replace Leaking Asphalt Shingles

Once you find the leak, it is important to define the cause of your problem. It might just be missing shingles or the damage can go deeper in the underlayment of your roof and then you definitely should contact roofing professional. Replacing shingles by yourself is actually fairly easy. You just need to find shingles that will match your roof style and color, and follow the replacement steps:

1. Use a flat pry bar to slip it under the damaged shingle then press down to pop out the roofing nails.This will release the leaking shingle from the decking. Once the shingle is removed you can inspect the felt, as well as the plywood decking underneath for quality roof repair. Unless you plan on using the same holes, you should always change the felt underlayment. Traditional paper felt is common, however synthetic felt is becoming more popular since it is made from better materials at the same cost. Once the felt is removed you can inspect the decking to make sure it is not rotten underneath. You can test to see if it is rotten by first observing it. Any black areas or high points in the plywood could be indicators of moisture, which means the roofing nails will not properly remain in the decking. Next you should hit the decking with a hammer to ensure the integrity of the piece. A bad board will crack or a hole will appear. When you hit a good piece of decking your hammer will bounce back off the board. When you replace the roof decking it is safest to replace not only the section between the rafters, but the next rafter over as well. This is to ensure that when you are on the roof again you don’t fall through your repair. These are the beginnings of installing a high quality roof repair. If you have gotten into the project and don’t know what to do or can’t figure out the steps you can always count on a good roofer near you by googling “Roof leak repair near me” or dial 214-250-3975.

Fix On Your Own or Looking For Residential Roof Leak Repair Near Me?

Fix On Your Own or Looking For Residential Roof Leak Repair Near Me?

Fix On Your Own or Looking For Residential Roof Leak Repair Near Me?

2. After you have inspected the decking to ensure it is still good, you can install the new felt. Make sure you cut the felt bigger than the plywood decking. This is because you are going to slide the new felt underlayment under the sides of the felt. This is to ensure proper water runoff in the event there is a roof leak above the area you are working. The nails you use on the felt have a circular plastic cap with a nail in the middle. These are different than the shingle nails because they are designed to hold the felt onto the decking only. Once the felt is on you are ready for the new shingle. Slide the new shingle up into place. Be sure to align with the shingles of both sides. This is to ensure the new shingle is level, when the roofing system is replaced the good roofers in Allen TX use a chalk line across the whole roof. They do this so the row of shingles are straight and not curved downward. The nails you use on the shingles are 1 1/4in galvanized and will go through the felt and the backside of the decking. You may see some protrusions in your attic which is normal. Each shingle needs a minimum 5 nails along the top strip.

3. Be careful while lifting the upper shingle then secure the new shingle with roofing nails. You might need to use silicone adhesive to keep the final pieces in place since these cannot be nailed. This completes the quality fix on your own roof repair process until you replace the full roof later.

When do I need a Full Roof Replacement?

However, if the shingles were laid more than 10-20 years ago, chances are they are might be reaching the end of their lifespan. In this case, getting a full roof replacement would be the better option in both time and money. Take a look at areas of joints again, the shingles might have dried-up or cracked edges. This is the indicator that you might need to get your roof fully replaced. It is important that you find a reliable roofing contractor in your area to replace your roof. Advantage Remodeling and Roofing is happy to help you with any type of residential roof leak repair near me. Call (214) 250-3975 to start your repairs today!