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Sometimes people use the words “renovation” and “remodel” interchangeably, however, for roofing professionals they mean completely different things. Both renovation and remodeling will improve and refresh your living space, but the two types of projects are very different, each has its own set of pros and cons. When we say “remodeling project” we usually mean that the whole home structure is going to be changed, a renovation usually means restoring the place and repairing what’s broken.

What the difference between Remodeling and Renovations?


1) Changes The Use of Space

A remodeling project often will include changing the use of space. It also means altering the structure and style of your house and completely transforming it into a new living space. For instance, when you want to change the layout of a room or the floor plan, it is remodeling and it would be a great idea to find a roofing company near me to make your project a reality.

2) Improves Functionality of The Room

You may decide, for example, to combine the kitchen with the living room and create an open space.

3) Creates a Total New Look

If you’ve started doing anything to alter the walls, raising ceilings, or expanding the area of your home, you are remodeling.

In short, remodeling is a project that completely changes the appearance of your home.


1) Fixes What Is Broken

In home construction, renovation means re-painting, repairing stuff, installing new light features, or getting new furniture.

2) Updates & Upgrades

The original purpose of the renovation is to make small changes to refresh the look of your house a little bit. Renovating a room in your home will make it more attractive, and add value to the home.

3) Cosmetic Improvements

A renovation simply means updating an existing structure with cosmetic changes, it doesn’t usually imply any significant alterations to it. One example might be replacing your windows.

In conclusion, renovating includes small changes to make your home a better place.

Finding a Remodeling Company Dallas TX

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