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How Damaging Can The Hail Be?

There are various sizes of hail balls and hence there can cause damage to your roof that varies in seriousness and lead to the need roof replacement Allen TX.

1 inch
Quarter-size hail can cause little to no exterior damage, and plant damage.

1.25 inch
Walnut-size causes severe roof damage and dents wood.

1.5 inch
Walnut-size causes severe roof damage and dents wood.

1.75 inch
Golf-ball-size can cause exterior paint damage and car dents.

2.5 inch
Tennis-ball-size hail is considered to be dangerous and it is not recommended to be outside during the hail. It breaks car windows and damages crops.

What Does Hail Damage Do to a Roof?

To dive more into how hail damage affects a roof, let’s look at some specific types of damage.

Granule loss
When a shingle loses granules, its asphalt coating is exposed to damaging weather factors, which decreases the aging. Inspect your gutters and downspouts after a hailstorm to see if there are any granules that have come off your shingles.

Cracks in the shingles
Hail boils of big size can grip the shingles and cause cracks. This can expose some bare spots on your roof which eventually will lead to leaks.

Exposed fiberglass mat
If hail shattered the shingles’ surfacing, they can start to break deep down to the fiberglass mat underneath. If you notice this type of damage you need to find hail damage roof replacement Allen TX to get your roof inspected immediately.

Fractured fiberglass mat
Fractured fiberglass can be slightly harder to discover as it usually is not very obvious. This type of damage might result in tears and cracks.

Weakened self-seal strip
High winds and hail can disturb the seal integrity of your shingles. This leaves your shingles unprotected to the strong wind which can blow off the shingles and can leave your roof unprotected. Even if a single shingle is damaged, the integrity of your roof has been damaged. This can lead to leaks and needs emergency repairs.

Once you know about these forms of hail damage, you can start to look for signs of damage. A good idea would be to hire a roofer who specializes in hail damage roof replacement Allen TX. Advantage Remodeling and Roofing has a lot of experience in hail damage restoration. Call us at (214) 250-3975 to schedule a free inspection.