Dangers of a Leaking Roof

Dangers of a Leaking Roof


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Looking for a roof leak repair is time-consuming. It is also a meticulous process because you want to be sure that the company you hire performs high-quality repairs. Your home should be a safe and protected space. Unfortunately, outside elements such as rain and snow can disturb your safety by damaging the integrity of your roof. Roof damage happens, and when it does, it’s best to handle it as soon as possible, so you might want to start looking for a roof leak repair contractor. It will not get better but only get worse resulting in even more damage and higher expenses.

A leaking roof is not only frustrating but dangerous as well. It might have devastating consequences. Here are a few things to keep in mind:


Unresolved leaks can cause mold growth. Moisture and warmth are favorable conditions for mold and mildew growth. Mold can not only create health concerns, but it could also damage the wall and flooring coverings, wood framing, and ceiling tiles. Another aspect is that the presence of mold can decrease the market value of your home if you plan to sell it.

Fire & Electricity Hazards

Roof leaks are a common reason for a fire hazard, especially if the water gets into your home’s electrical wiring. It can cause a short circuit in the wires and spark the surrounding areas. In addition to that, it can cause electrocution if touched.

Increased Energy Bills

An inflow of water might increase energy bills due to water build-up ruining the insulation. If that is the case, you can expect to see a noticeable difference in your utility bill.

Damage to The Attic and Ceiling

Water leaks could threaten the safety of your attic. The leaks may create an issue with ventilation in the attic, which affects the rest of the house. The same with the ceiling. Leaking water can damage the ceiling and make brown stains on the ceiling, cause worsening of the paint quality on your walls and ceiling, and make plaster bubble up and expand.

If Your Roof Is Leaking, Call Advantage Remodeling and Roofing. We Will Perform a Roof Leak Repair.

We know how stressful it is to look for a roof leak repair contractor, and that is why we offer emergency roof leak repair to our customers. Now you know how important it is to handle the leaking roof as soon as possible. Don’t wait and start looking for a roof leak repair contractor. Do not hesitate to call us at (214) 250-3975 and schedule your free inspection to determine your roofing needs.