The Importance of Roof Restoration

The Importance of Roof Restoration


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As a homeowner, you have probably heard of such terms as roof restoration, roof repair, and roof replacement, but do you know what is the difference between the three terms? All these are parts of your maintenance routine, but which one you need depends on the damage extent. If your damage is limited to one single shingle section, you will most likely need roof repair. If more than 50% of your roof is damaged, roof replacement would be a good solution in money-quality terms. However, if a serious storm has hit your home and the damage is devastating, your home might require roof restoration or even a renovation.  


The Process of Roof Restoration

From this article, you will learn more about what to expect from the roof restoration process when you hire a roofing contractor.


Part 1. Roof Assessment

A thorough inspection always comes first. This will require you or the contractor to walk through your roof, scanning every point for signs of damage. Damages usually are in the form of cracked or broken shingles and punctured metal sheets (hail damage or fallen objects). Your ceiling should be checked for leakage in a form of strains or dark spots. You want to make sure that all damage is documented for insurance purposes later. This is the first and the most important step of roof replacement or roof restoration. The damage should be identified correctly and no damaged areas should be missed.


Part 2. Roof Repair

Roof repair starts with washing with a high-pressure hose. This helps remove years of dirt, grime, and debris from the roof. Now you can proceed with roof repair. It is the most critical step in the roof restoration process. Broken or damaged sections of the roof should be replaced with matching shingles, tiles, or metal sheets depending on your roof material. Roof repair is probably the most compelling reason why you should hire a professional roofing company to handle your roof replacement works.  After the roof repairs, most roofers will coat the roof with a protective layer of chemicals after the repair work is completed. This increases the durability of the roof and delays the time the next maintenance is required. After all the work is done, a walkthrough assessment should be conducted to ensure that everything is done completely and appropriately.


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