Advantage Remodeling and roofing - visual inspection.

Blogs Advantage Remodeling and roofing - visual inspection.

Welcome again we are at client house here Advantage Remodeling and roofing, we were called for quick inspection, witch is complimentary always for our clients. Call (214) 250-3975. You can always also get complementary inspection of your home if you are home owner.

Sow, I wont to show you one think about this house, we wont to do the inspection, visual inspection that every client and your self can do. Here is the gutter inspection for hail. Step out of your front door, look to the left or right. You see a gutter, this is your damage, this is how is looks like and this is how identified. You will see your screens., this is the damage. If you don't have gutters or the screens, you can look at your plastic beating, This is the damage, this is how identified.

Sow, and if you find evidence on your gutter around the front door, you walked around your house and you see evidence on your screens, beating, fence. Call the professionals, we will clime on your roof and we show what is damage looks like. The next step what will do is, We will clime the ladder. Look inside your gutter system, you will notice it where is granules witch is follow of the roof. Sow we are back, we moving up to the roof and we are doing our inspection and just to show you, what it looks like. This is the hail hits and this is what is looks like.

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