Wind Damage Restoration

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Texas residents can experience windstorms without much warning at any time of the year. Wind speed varies from 45 to 90+ miles per hour causing wind damage of various extant. It is recommended that you inspect your property after every serious windstorm to make sure your roof and home weren’t damaged. With their high-speed winds, windstorms can cause significant wind damage to homes.

Why Are Windstorms Dangerous?

Small winds are usually harmless unless they become a 90+ mph windstorm. The faster and more sustained the wind speeds, the more damage your home might experience. It may vary from tear-off shingles to broken windows. Different types of wind damage will require different restoration procedures. In each case, it will cost hundreds to thousands of dollars in exterior repairs. You will want to immediately repair any wind damage to your home.

This simple checklist will help you figure out what your initial steps to restore wind damage should be.

1. Prevent further damage

If your home has suffered from wind damage, you should take steps to prevent the worsening of the wind damage immediately. Moreover, many homeowners insurance policies may require you to make preventive repairs, like patching a roof. If your roof is leaking and there is water damage, move all personal belongings away and remove excess water using a mop, broom, or pump. You can also remove debris, like fallen or broken branches, build-up of leaves, etc.

2. Get a free inspection from a local roofing contractor

You might want want to assess the wind damage from the ground on your own but have a professional roofer look at your roof. Don’t try to climb up your roof as it might be dangerous and unsafe. Professional roofing companies provide free wind damage inspections. After you get one, a qualified professional will recommend the repairing procedures you might need and give you advice on the best materials.

3. Contact your insurance company

Review your homeowner’s insurance policy to see if wind damage is covered by your insurance policy. Get in touch with your insurance company to start the claim process. If your belongings, home, or property have been damaged, you should document the wind damage and write down supporting details before you start any restoration process. Wait until after you have met with a claims representative, an adjuster, or a roofing contractor