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STEP 1. Repair Sheathing

After cleaning the debris and reframing the roof, lay down a sheathing. The sheathing is an eight-foot, 1/2-inch-thick plywood base that is laid underneath the shingles. Measure the opening of the section of the roof to be shingled, cut the plywood to size, and nail to roof rafters. You should stagger the sheathing in a brick pattern for extra strength. If a big area of your roof is damaged, you might want to schedule a roof repair near me from a professional roofing contractor.

STEP 2. Lay Felt Paper

Start by stapling the 6-inch starter strip at the bottom section of your roof. Leaving a 1-inch overhang on the edge will ensure drainage into the gutters. Like with the sheathing, going from bottom up, lay and nail the remaining felt layers with a 2-inch overlap. Always make sure to nail the tar strip on each felt layer to properly secure the material. Chalk the pattern for the shingles layer.

STEP 3. Installing Shingles

Start from the bottom corner of the roof and lay the first row of shingles. Follow the chalk lines to place and secure a base row of shingles and move upward in a pyramid shape. You can use six nails per shingle to ensure maximum hold, and always nail on the tar strip. Follow the initial pyramid shape as you continue working your way across and up the roof. If you repair a section of the damaged roof, be sure to lay the existing shingles on top of the new. This will make your roof look wholesome and seamless. Roof repair near me is complete now!

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