Basics of Commercial Roof Leak Repair Allen TX

Blogs Basics of Commercial Roof Leak Repair Allen TX

In the previous article, we have started our conversation about commercial roof inspections. In this article we are going to talk about them in depth and discuss in detail commercial roof inspections and commercial roof leak repair Allen TX.

Commercial Roof Elements to Inspect

Supporting structures

Your roof inspector would probably look into the supporting structures of your roof to see if they are intact, structurally sound, not infested with mold or pests.

Roof covering condition

The next thing you roofer will inspect is the roof covering material itself. They will look for the signs of damage due to the storm that has passed or the strong winds, or other recent extreme weather conditions.

Roof edges

The edges of your roof are some of the most prone parts to damage because moisture can naturally collect there and lead to wood rot and mold growth.

Roof penetrations

Some roof penetrations are used to accommodate features of your commercial building like chimneys, exhaust fans, solar panels, and etc. The problem, though, is that when they are not installed properly, they can cause serious damage to the integrity of your commercial roof. If water seeps through, you need to get commercial roof leak repair Allen TX as soon as possible.

Expansion joint covers

Expansion joints are often used in larger establishments like commercial buildings to protect them. An inspector should also look into these covers when assessing your roof damage before roof leak repair Allen TX.

Pitch pans

Pitch pans are usually used in places where there are roof penetrations to protect them. Since they serve to prevent water penetration and damage to your roof, this means that they are constantly exposed to this type of damage themselve and need special attention.

How Often Should You Have Your Commercial Roof Inspected?

It is smart to get your roof checked after a severe weather conditions like a hail storm or hurricane. However, aside from those cases, you should schedule a commercial roof inspection twice a year to make sure the roof isn't damaged. Roof inspections and roof leak repair Allen TX should be important parts of your facility maintenance routine.

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