How is a Residential Roof Constructed?

How is a Residential Roof Constructed?


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The construction of a residential roof starts with a frame construction and then followed by covering it with suitable roofing material. Today's roofs tend to be built with timber, and offer a large variety of shapes and materials. Modern timber roofs are typically framed with pairs of prefabricated trusses or common rafters that are fastened along with truss connector plates. Other factors that should be taken into consideration during the roof construction project are thermal building insulation, ventilation, steepness, or pitch of a roof.

Building a Rafter Roof

Basic rafter residential roof consists of rafters that rest on horizontally placed plates at the top of every wall. The ends of those rafters typically meet at a ridge beam, or directly attach to each other, forming a pair of rafters. Then horizontal purlins, laths, or battens are attached to the rafters. Tie beams are usually connected to the lower ends of the opposite rafters. This prevents them from driving the walls apart by spreading.

Building a Truss Roof

Truss residential roofs are usually pre-manufactured and are available in a variety of styles. They are designed by the manufacturer to go well with a large range of designs. They are usually built using wooden or metal joints. Trusses have some obvious advantages: they are incredibly strong, allow building any shape of a customized build of your roof, and go up quickly. They are available in W, M, scissors, gable, and other various styles.

Design Loads

The design of reduced framing must be performed in a way to hold up the full structure, including the own weight of the residential roof, the building material weight, and any additional loads, for instance, wind or snow. This total load within the distance between the span (supports) determines the scale and spacing of trusses and rafters.

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