Eight Things a Roofer Will Look At During a Roof Inspection Near Me

Blogs Eight Things a Roofer Will Look At During a Roof Inspection Near Me

Roof inspections exist in two forms - those which serve as a preventive measure and those serving to identify roofing issues when the repair is needed for the purpose of repairing. The former is often requested as part of roof maintenance. Unfortunately, many homeowners only request a roof inspection near me when they have already noticed a problem. In this case, a roof inspection near me serves to identify the cause of such problems.

What a Roofer Will Look At During a Roof Inspection Near Me

Your attic’s ventilation

The first thing your roofer should look at during a roof inspection near me is your attic. They will check that it's properly ventilated, otherwise, the trapped cold and hot air will drastically shorten the lifespan of your roof.

Interior water damage signs

The roofer will look at water stains on your ceiling and walls. Once they know there is a roof leak, they'll start searching for the cause.

Your roof’s decking

When your contractor climbs on top of your roof, they will check the condition of your roof’s deck and see if it's spongy or solid underneath their feet. They will check if the nails in your decking are holding firm.

Your roof vents

No matter what kind of vent is installed on your roof, they need to be inspected too.

Shingles, tiles, wood shakes

The integrity of your roofing material is the next thing your roofer will check during a free roof inspection near me. If the material was not installed properly, they won't be able to maintain the integrity of your roof and, as a result, last the full lifespan. They will pay attention to obvious signs like if the shingles are missing, loose, cracked, blistering, or buckling.

Your roofs penetration and skylights

During a free roof inspection near me, a roofer will check all the penetrations and, if you have them, skylights to ensure they are well isolated and staying leak-free.

Your chimney

A roofing expert will check the flashing, the condition of the mortar and chimney cap to make sure it doesn't allow moisture into your chimney and your home.

Your gutters

Your roofing contractor should always inspect your gutters and downspouts to see if there are any blockages, restricted flow, or cracks and open seams.

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