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Welcome to Advantage Remodeling & Roofing, the top company in Allen, TX. We specialize in durable metal roofing solutions and provide top-quality services for roof replacement, installation, and repair. With certified professionals and high-quality materials, we ensure customer satisfaction with superior workmanship that withstands Allen’s weather conditions.

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We stand out for several reasons:

BBB accredited

We hold an A+ rating as a BBB accredited company, showcasing our dedication to customer service excellence.

Certified roofers

Our metal roofing Allen, TX technicians are certified experts, guaranteeing top-notch workmanship for your project.

Quality commitment

We are committed to delivering high-quality solutions, ensuring excellence from materials to installation.

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BBB Accredited A+ Rating Advantages

We prioritize customer satisfaction. Being BBB accredited with an A+ rating showcases our commitment to exceptional service and happiness.

Our A+ rating reflects our expertise in the industry and dedication to superior solutions. Trust us for reliable and high-quality services tailored to exceed your expectations.

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GAF and Owens Corning Certified

Advantage Remodeling & Roofing, a top metal roofing Allen, TX company, uses the best materials—certified by GAF and Owens Corning, renowned manufacturers in the industry. Our expert roofers are certified to install these premium products, including the Allen metal roof, known for its ability to withstand extreme weather conditions, ensuring lasting quality and peace of mind for our clients. Trust us for professional and detail-oriented services from our certified team of roofing contractors in North Texas.

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Our Comprehensive Residential Metal Roofing Allen TX Solutions

Our company in the Allen area offers a wide range of metal roofing solutions for homeowners and businesses. Our experts specialize in various types of metal roofs, including standing seam metal roofs for energy efficiency and longevity. We also provide asphalt shingles for cost-effective solutions without compromising quality workmanship. From residential to commercial projects, our comprehensive metal roofing services, including expert metal roof installation for your Allen metal roofing project, ensure that your home or business has the best protection and will last you many years. We have professional installation services and will ensure your home or business in the Allen area has the best look possible.

The Advantage of Choosing Standing Seam Metal Roofs

Standing seam metal roofs from our team offer energy efficiency, longevity, and aesthetic appeal. Benefits include:

Enhancing Your Texas Home with Asphalt Shingles

For cost-effective and energy-efficient roofing, we recommend choosing asphalt shingles. We offer top-quality services to enhance your home’s look and performance with a variety of roofing options including tile, slate, and asphalt shingles. Asphalt shingles are one of the most durable and versatile options, and come in various colors and styles. They also offer excellent energy efficiency, reducing costs. Trust our experts for superior results using high-quality materials and industry-approved installation methods.

Flat Roofing Systems: TPO and Rubber Options

We specialize in flat roofing systems for commercial customers in Allen, TX. We offer TPO and rubber options for commercial properties. TPO is durable, energy-efficient, and resistant to UV rays, chemicals, and punctures. Rubber (EPDM) is known for its durability, weather resistance, and easy maintenance. Trust our certified roofers to recommend the best flat roofing solution for your commercial property.

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We are the premier choice for metal roofing in Allen, TX. With BBB Accreditation and certifications from GAF and Owens Corning, we offer top-notch service. From standing seam metal roofs to asphalt shingles and flat systems, we provide comprehensive solutions. Our meticulous process guarantees efficient results. Contact us in Allen, TX for reliable expertise.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The cost of a metal roof in Texas can vary depending on various factors, including the size of the roof, the type of metal used, and the complexity of the installation. While the initial cost of a metal roof may be higher than other materials, it is considered a worthwhile investment due to its longevity and durability.

One of the biggest challenges with metal roofs is the potential for maintenance and repair. While metal roofs are durable and long-lasting, they can still suffer from issues such as rust, leaks, and loose fasteners. Regular maintenance and prompt repair of any signs of damage are crucial for ensuring the longevity and performance.

Choosing metal roofing for your home in Allen, TX offers numerous advantages. Metal roofs are known for their longevity, durability, and energy efficiency. With a wide range of styles and colors available, metal coverage can also enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home while increasing its value.

Insurance-Related Damage?

When faced with roof leaks or other damage that might be covered by your insurance, contact your top contractors for roofing–Advantage Remodeling & Roofing–to get your claim handled quickly and correctly!

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Learn more about our rapid leak repair services, superior products, and outstanding warranties. Contact your local Allen roofing contractors–Advantage Remodeling & Roofing. To request a FREE Roof Inspection and Estimate, complete our Courtesy Contact Form or call us (214) 250-3975.