Residential Metal Roofing Repair

Residential Metal Roofing Repair

Metal roofing provides over five decades of safety for your home.

What if you never had to install another roof again? Metal roofing provides over five decades of safety for your home. That’s 50 years of hail, snow, wind, fire, rain, pest, and debris protection. Thanks to a vast array of colors, materials, and styles, the probability of finding that perfect roofing system for your home is higher than ever. With low maintenance requirements, you can relax, kick back, and enjoy your beautiful new roof. Talk to one of our experienced professionals about your building project, and see if you can find that special color for your home. Call us at (214) 250-3975, and ask for a quote on residential metal roofing in Allen, TX.

Unique Benefits of a Metal Roof

Metal roofs feature enhanced waterproofing. Today, many metal roofing systems utilize built-in waterproofing features, such as mechanical locks.  These drastically cut down the number of exposed points that water can seep through, keeping your home safe from expensive insulation damage and wood rot.

Metal roofing upgrades your home’s solar reflectance. Does your home energy seem to spike during the day? As your rooftop takes in sunlight during the day, ultraviolet radiation heats up your house until your HVAC system has to compensate. This process wastes energy and causes a noticeable hike in your monthly bill. Metal roofing (especially aluminum), does a much better job at reflecting UV rays, keeping your conditioned air safe.

Metal offers improved impact resistance. Without special protection, most shingle and tile roofs will suffer damage when contending against a hail storm. Metal roofing, on the other hand, can handle all manner of weather storms without taking damage. As a result, you won’t have to worry about post-storm repairs.

Find Your Special Metal Roof Style

Can’t wait to enjoy the security and energy savings of metal roof? Talk to our courteous roofers about choosing a color and style that’s right for your home. One of our experienced professionals will discuss the numerous options, working with your specific budget needs. Give us a call at (214) 250-3975 and ask for our residential metal roofing in Allen, TX.

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