Roof Flashing Repair

Roof Flashing Repair

The flashing on your home is responsible for directing rainwater away from the valleys and edges of your rooftop. If your flashing has started to crack or is coming loose, however, you will probably start to notice small leaks forming inside your roof. If your flashing is visibly cracked or leaking rainwater, talk to one of our roofing specialists as soon as possible. Call (214) 250-3975 and ask about our roof flashing repair service in Allen, TX.

Why is Flashing Important?

Roof flashing is the material that protects the valleys and edges of your rooftop. It provides security against rainwater, that likes to seep into the hard to cover places of your home. This material must be kept in good repair, or water damage could ruin your insulation and cause wood rot in your roof’s supporting frame. Our experienced specialists at Advantage Remodeling & Roofing provide repair and replacement services for your aging flashing to ensure that your home is sealed against water leaks.

Modern Roof Flashing

Nowadays, many homeowners prefer the strength and precision of metal flashing to protect their home from water seepage. These aesthetically appealing flashing materials provide a nice finish around the edges of your chimney and valleys. Metal does not crack or degrade from snow or water corrosion. Because it reflects light instead of absorbing it, metal is especially resistant to ultraviolet radiation.

roof flashing installed on metal roof

Flashing for Your Budget

At Advantage Remodeling & Roofing, we understand that every homeowner has unique requirements for their house and budget. Our roofers will be happy to talk with you about your budgetary goals and find the perfect material for your home. If your flashing has become brittle from age or has allowed water leaks into your home, you can trust us to promptly repair the damage and replace the aging material.

Talk to one of our experts about scheduling an inspection for your home’s flashing. Our courteous roofers at Advantage Remodeling & Roofing are prepared to handle all your questions about replacement materials and repairs. Call (214) 250-3975 and ask about roof flashing repair in Allen, TX.

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