Roof Replacement Allen TX

Roof Replacement Allen TX

On average, shingle rooftops wear out after two or three decades. While you can delay roof replacement with timely repairs and proper maintenance, eventually you’ll need to prepare for your next roof system. If you’re looking for roof replacement in Allen, TX, you can count on our courteous professionals at Advantage Remodeling & Roofing for reliable and trustworthy service. Call (214) 250-3975Age, weather and a lack of maintenance are the most common reasons you may need a roof replacement. Our roofers are adept at partial and full replacements with a variety of materials whether they’re shingles, tiles, metal or something else.

Signs You May Need a Roof Replacement


If you have an older home with standard asphalt shingles, you should probably consider replacing your roof around the 25-year mark. Our expert contractors recommend starting the search process early, so you can find pricing information without feeling rushed to buy. If you wait until the last minute, you may find yourself stuck with a single bid from a company you don’t necessarily trust.


Hail can wreak havoc on roofs, as can wind and other elements. It’s always a good idea to get a roof inspection after a strong storm. If a roofer recommends a replacement as the course of action, you will have more time to decide which roofing company you want to hire for the job.

Curling and cracks in your home’s asphalt shingles are warning signs that you may need a replacement.  Filling in missing shingles can help you delay replacing an entire roof, but you should still keep a plan for funding your next roof. 


Sagging is an early sign that your roof is close to collapsing. Don’t ignore this sign of trouble! Make sure to get an inspection as soon as possible to determine the reason for the sagging. The fault could be a weight issue or a problem with structural integrity.

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