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Mr. Fish and his team at ARR have done an excellent job in the renovation of our home. They have remediated and renovated our home to restore it back and now looks even better than before..Read completely
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An Ultimate Guide To New Roof Installation

The roof is an integral component of your house that provides protection for your family. When you are thinking about a new roof installation, it's important to consider every aspect: roof installation cost, materials and roof shape, problems and repairs that need to be done before the roof installation near me. However, as important as roofs are, they rarely get a close inspection and only get looked at them from the ground. Therefore a proper roof installation is needed because DIY’ing on your own is always tricky. If you get it wrong, you can potentially ruin your roof’s integrity, not to mention the safety considerations.

Signs That You Need New Asphalt Shingles Installation

Roof leaks

Even though roof leaks are the most obvious signs of the problem, other susceptible areas tend to be valleys, eaves, the points where roofs meet walls, chimneys, and plumbing vents. Apparently, roof leaks need to be fixed before Installing roof shingles. You may also require to install new metal flashing.

Moss growth

Another common sign that you need new roof installation is discoloration or moss that happens due to algae or mildew growth. The problem can be solved with the addition of zinc flashing that can kill the organisms covering the roof.

Shingles damage

Shingles curling at the edges or losing their granules is a sign of serious deterioration. Your roof is nearing the end of its life and requires installing roof shingles again.

However, a roof leak doesn’t always mean you need new asphalt shingles installation for the whole roof. Since most leaks happen at penetrations such as plumbing vents or skylights, in many cases, fixing the flashing near those areas can solve the problem.

Ice Dams

In cold climates, ice dams can contribute to roof leaks. If you don't have insulation, during winter, heat in the attic melts snow on the roof. Once temperatures drop, this meltwater refreezes as ice and increases the weight and pressure on top of your roof, which can negatively impact your roof performance and shingles lifespan. Installing roof shingles will prolong your roof’s life. Waterproofing vulnerable parts of the roof is the best strategy in preventing ice dam damage.

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>Choosing The Right Material For Roof Installation Near Me

Choosing The Right Material For Roof Installation Near Me

There are a plethora of available materials on the market and choosing the right one for you is crucial. You should consider the size and shape of your roof, the weather conditions in your area and roof installation cost. Here is an overview of the materials available to you through Advantage Remodeling and Roofing

Asphalt Shingles Installation

Roof installation cost: $4.20-$5.15 per square
Homeowners in the United States like installing architectural shingles because of their durability, affordability, and availability in a wide range of styles and colors. Roof insulation installers near me might offer you two techniques for installing shingles: reroofing and layering. The former can be used once or twice without needing to remove the old layer of shingles. This method makes asphalt shingles installation the most DIY-friendly project for most homeowners. However, if your old shingles are completely worn out, a roof installation company may offer you to reroof your roof.

Tile Roof Installation

Roof installation cost: $8.25-$9.20 per square
Roofing tiles may come in a variety of styles and shapes which results in varying roof installation cost - from quite affordable to very expensive. With this increase in price for roof installation, tile roofs have a higher lifespan and improved durability, as well as they are more easily recyclable and energy-efficient.

Metal Roofing

Roof installation cost: $7.95-$8.90 per square
Metal roofing systems are favorites among many homeowners and commercial buildings owners because of their lifelong durability. Metal roofs may be available in a form of shingles, shakes, tiles, and standing-seam panels in a wide array of colors. Many metal roofs are very lightweight and can be installed using the layering technique without adding much weight on top of the roof when roof installation is performed properly. Like any other roofing system, proper roof installation is needed and requires a variety of tools and a knowledge of roofing experts with broad experience.

Composite Roofing

Roof installation cost: $7.19-$7.99 per square
Polymer roofing is a popular commercial option. Flatter roofs on commercial buildings require materials that come in big sheets or cloths that are impregnated with asphalt—the fewer the joints, the lower the chance of leaks. It is similar to asphalt shingles installation but comes in 3-foot wide rolls complete with the protective granule top layer. Rubber membrane or EPDM roofing material resembles large sheets of inner tube rubber and can be rolled out, bonded down with mechanical fasteners and glue or even held in place with a rock garden ballast.
Roof installation cost is usually more expensive due to the bigger scope of works of a new roof installation on commercial buildings.

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Do Do's and Don'ts During Roof Installation
Your roof is the main protection of your home, so it's important to take time to learn more about the roof installation process when planning the replacement. There are many factors to consider: the roof installers you choose, what style of shingles you want, what roofing material you choose. At Advantage Remodeling and Roofing, we understand how stressful installing shingles might get. So, we've compiled a list of do's and don'ts to keep things simple for you.
How Much Does Roof Installation Cost? How Much Does Roof Installation Cost?
There are several factors that define your roof installation cost. Now that we talked about the main materials for roof installation, here’s the list of some things that affect the cost of your roof replacement.
Choosing the Right Material For Your Roof Installation Choosing the Right Material For Your Roof Installation
Choosing the right material is an essential step when installing roof shingles. There are plenty of materials available and each one of them has its pros and cons. There is no one fit all material, and you should consider your personal needs and wishes, as well as the roof installation company’s advice.
Cost of Asphalt Shingle Roof Cost of Asphalt Shingle Roof
Depending on the roof size, materials used, and the contractor’s policies, asphalt shingle installation costs can vary greatly from state to state.

Durability of Roofing Materials

The durability of roofing materials varies considerably from 15 to 20 years for most flat roofs, to 25 to 30 years from asphalt or cedar shingles, and 50 or more years from metal or slate roofs. Roof installation cost varies greatly depending on the region, but a general rule is that the more complex installing shingles is, the more it will cost.

Consider Hiring Roof Insulation Installers Near Me

Should you insulate your roof during your roof installation? Hiring roof insulation installers near me can increase the energy efficiency of your home, saving you from 10% to 50% on your electricity bill. Hiring professional roof insulation installers can also keep your roof in good condition, helping to prevent ice dams and condensation. However, your roof may require a certain quality of insulation: over-insulation can heat up your shingles and shorten their lifespan and worsen their performance. You should balance the two needs: one for insulation in one for ventilation. Almost all manufacturers’ warranty requires proper ventilation of a roofing system. You should read and understand your roofing warranty and the limitations before you hire roof insulation installers near me.

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Choosing a quality roofing contractor and roof insulation installers near me is crucial

Tips to Keep in Mind When Hiring a Pro

Choosing a quality roofing contractor and roof insulation installers near me is crucial. The roof installation cost alone should not be your deciding factor. Check references and get a certificate of liability and workers’ insurance from the contractor and any subcontractors they hire. Find out if your chosen contractor has taken any manufacturer’s training on how to install a specific material. Be sure to ask any questions you have about the process of asphalt shingles installation. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to find the right roofing contractor and roof insulation installers near me.

Step 1. Ask your friends and family

Word of mouth is a good way to ask around for good roofers. Ask your friends, family, and relatives, colleagues, and neighbors about the roofing contractor they've used in the past. You may also look for roofing contractors rankings online to find the best roofers in your area. Preferably choose the contractors who have many positive reviews from their clients. You can also use Better Business Bureau, Yellow Pages, local trading associations and local building materials suppliers.

Step 2. License verification and insurance coverage

Check if the roofing contractor has a license and make sure that it's up to date. You may find this information on the contractor’s website along with other certification information. Or you can contact the licensing board to verify the information. You should also ask for identification documents and information such as a business address, their tax identification number, phone numbers to prove that the contractor is legal. The insurance coverage should include the worker’s compensation and liability coverage because hiring an uninsured contractor means risking your money

Step 3. Ask for referrals

Referrals are the people that the roofing contractor has worked for in the past and completed installing architectural shingles for them. If the roofing company is openly sharing them with you, it is a good sign that they are enthusiastic about the job offer and have proven quality and experience.

Step 4. Ask for a free roof inspection

During the free roof inspection, a roofing company should be able to give you a clear outline of the roof installation project and provide any details about it such as the roof installation cost, the material quantity, the deadlines, the payment information and etc.

If you are ready to schedule a free inspection and begin the process of roof repairs or new roof installation, contact Advantage Remodeling and Roofing today! Having many years of experience and tens of satisfied customers, we are dedicated to providing one-of-a-kind services to Allan, TX community, and beyond.

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