Roofing Calculator service (fence, gutters calculator service) in DFW array

Our calculators (including Roofing Calculator) are here to provide you with an accurate estimate for your repairs!

While choosing a roofing contractor, the price is an important factor to consider. Calling roofing contractors to get assistance with calculating a roof estimate would take too much time. Imagine that you need emergency repairs and have to act quickly, but instead, you are spending all day on the phone calling contractor companies trying to find the best one. For your convenience, we have online calculators (including Roofing Calculator) that will help you with the process.

Why use a roofing calculator?

Advantage Remodelling and Roofing website have great calculators to provide you with the estimate for any type of work you need. Of course, the best way to find out the specific costs of repairs is to contact the roofing company, but our easy-to-use calculators will help you get an estimate to start with.

Saves you time
You can go through the websites of ten roofing companies, get the estimates, and pick the best one in just 3 hours while calling each one of them to figure out the cost would take up a whole day.

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How to use estimate calculators?

On our website, there are three calculators available for you to use - a roofing calculator, a fence calculator, and a gutter calculator.

Roofing Calculator
A roofing calculator is what you need to calculate the price of the roof installation or a replacement. You just need to enter your roof area and select the material. Here is a simple formula for you to use to calculate your roof area. Just measure your house’s base area and the pitch, then multiply the area by a corresponding correction factor (those are provided in the table below).

Pitch Angle Multiply By Pitch Angle Multiply By
1/12 4.8° 1.003 2/12 9.5° 1.014
3/12 14° 1.031 4/12 18.4° 1.054
5/12 22.6° 1.083 6/12 26.6° 1.118
7/12 30.3° 1.158 8/12 33.7° 1.202
9/12 36.9° 1.250 10/12 39.8° 1.302
11/12 42.5° 1.357 12/12 45.0° 1.414
13/12 47.3° 1.474 14/12 49.4° 1.537
15/12 51.3° 1.601 16/12 53.1° 1.667
17/12 54.8° 1.734 18/12 56.3° 1.803
19/12 57.7° 1.873 20/12 59.0° 1.944
21/12 60.3° 2.016 22/12 61.4° 2.088
23/12 62.4° 2.162° 24/12 63.4° 2.236

Roofing material for Residential:

pitch 4/12-6/12
pitch 7/12-9/12
pitch 10/12-12/12
pitch 12/12 - up
Architectural Shingle
HD architectural shingle
Tile Roofing System
Metal Roofing System

Roofing System for Commercial:

EPDM Single-ply Roofing
TPO Single-ply Roofing
Metal Roofing

Roof Area (ft²):

Estimat starting cost
for roofing object:


How to use our roof replacement cost calculator

Gutters Calculator
Your first step is to choose the gutters style - K-style or Half Round Gutters. Then select the 5 or 6-inch gutters system, 3 or 4-inch gutters downspouts. Try to be precise about the gutters and downspouts length: the length of the gutters is the perimeter of the outside of your house and the length of the downspouts is close to your house’s outside wall height. Don’t forget to pick a nice color!

Gutters type:

Gutters system:

5 inch
6 inch

Gutters downspouts:

3 inch
4 inch

Select Gutters color:

Gutters Length:

Downspouts Length:

Gutter estimat starting cost:


Fence Calculator
First, you need to decide what specific characteristics of your fence you want to have: white wood or cedar; shadow fence or board on board; wood or metal posts. Select the length and the height and you can now see how much the cost is going to be.

Wood type

White wood

Fence type:

Shadow fence
Board on board

Post type:


Fence height:



Fence Length:

Fence estimat starting cost:


The siding calculator
Our siding calculator is fairly easy to use. You just need to decide on the type of siding you want, add any features if you want, and insert the measurements of your home to get an estimate.

Siding type:

Siding - hardboard
lap pattern - 8"
Fiber cement
lap siding - 8"


Siding estimat starting cost:

Siding Square:

Siding Trim Length:



How to use our siding price calculator

If you find yourself comfortable with the estimate, contact Advantage Remodelling and Roofing to get the best service in the area guaranteed!

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