The Importance of Metal Drip Edge Installation for Your Roof

Advantage Remodeling and Roofing in Allen, TX offers expert roofing services, including metal drip edge installation, to enhance your roof’s durability. 

Key Benefits of Metal Drip Edge

Prevents Moisture Seepage

  • Drip edge prevents water from seeping under the shingles.
  • Helps avoid moisture buildup, staining, deck deterioration, and fascia damage.
  • Reduces the risk of leaks inside the house.

Keeps Rodents Out

  • Seals the gap between fascia and decking, preventing rodent entry.
  • Stops squirrels, mice, and other small animals from making homes in your attic or living areas.

Additional Advantages

  • Reduces movement between fascia and deck boards.
  • Provides protection during ice dams, hailstorms, and thunderstorms.
  • Adds years to the roof’s lifespan and maintains its aesthetic appearance.


Installing a metal drip edge is essential for protecting your roof from moisture, pests, and weather-related damage. It ensures the longevity and integrity of your roofing system.

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