Why Schedule Annual Roof Inspections?


Your rooftop represents one of the most important investments in your home. It provides durable security against animals, insects, weather, and sunlight, plus it will last for decades. Rooftop materials are so sturdy that many homeowners start to wonder: "Why do I need to schedule annual roof inspections?" It's a valid question. Here are three reasons for you to call that inspector every year.

An Inspector Can Spot Damage Sooner

A little patchwork can be the difference between minor maintenance and extensive repairs. Your rooftop experiences steady wear and tear throughout the year. Normally, this damage is inconsequential. Occasionally, however, the accumulated strain on your roof can leave small gaps in your waterproofing and pest protection. A regular inspection can help you spot these gaps earlier, and help you get repairs before extensive damage can occur.

Inspections Go Beneath the Surface

Your roof may look perfect on the outside, but a qualified inspector examines the inside of your home to uncover hard to spot trauma. Some of the most expensive water damage discovered each year occurs because of vulnerabilities that were hidden by the top layer of shingles and tile. Wood rot destroyed insulation, and mold: these are all common problems that an inspection can detect beneath the surface of your roof.

You'll Learn About Home Improvement Solutions

It's amazing the advancements we've made in energy efficiency. Your annual inspection is the perfect opportunity to learn about new energy-saving materials and treatments. You'll also learn about new premium protection materials (like impact resistant shingles). Find out more information from your inspector, and plan your future home improvement projects ahead of time.

To learn more about scheduling annual roof inspections in Allen, TX and Surrounding Area, you can talk with one of our courteous experts at Advantage Remodeling & Roofing. Give us a call at (214) 250-3975.


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